Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reclaiming my life Day 28

well I tried to keep up the momentum but life got a little silly again and I ran out of spoons each day, (google Spoon Theory, couldn't work out how to put the link in once I'd started) also I spent last week in Brisbane working at The Quilt & Craft Show which was fantastic, very busy & exhausting but great to chat with like minded people and catching up with my friend Christine who is also a wonderful host & makes me feel very welcome in their home for the week.
Had to lay low for a few days to recover from standing and talking for 5 days but getting back on track slowly.
Yesterday I started culling, more clothes to go to charity & also packed 3 boxes of delicates in the lounge room, Budgie lamps (a few), hat & model car collection, so now that the lounge room is looking a little bare in some areas it actually makes me feel as though the move is going to happen, the last 6 months of getting stuff out of the house & trying to sort & cull here in the tiny flat or out in the garage has seemed like I've been going around in circles but now it's full steam ahead, have my exhibition and the quilt show behind me & now my focus is on packing & getting outa here.
Have a window of a few days so about to head over to the house to survey what I still have left to chuck or get out & see my boys who are dog sitting.

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